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Cernobbio is an ideal destination to spend a relaxing day between landscape and cultural beauty and an excellent starting point to explore Lake Como.

Between the blue of the lake and the green of the mountains, Cernobbio welcomes tourists and visitors with elegance and charm.

Walking along the lakeside, shopping in the narrow alleys of the historical center, discovering nature and amazing views along the paths that climb up the pre-Alps, enjoying typical food or admiring pieces of art between history and contemporary, are just some of the experiences you can live while staying in Cernobbio, on the famous Lake Como, only a few steps away from the main town.

Located a few kilometres from Como, on the western shore of the Lake, at the foot of Monte Bisbino, it has a strategic position close to the borders with Switzerland. Historical international tourist destination, it offers the most varied activities: outdoor sports in the nature, visits to places of cultural interest, tastings of typical food in the many local restaurants.

There are many villas in the area, famous and admired all over the world. Among them, Villa Bernasconi is the only one open to the public, as an interactive Museum, and a perfect example of Art Nouveau architecture. Visitors can learn about the history of the villa itself, of Davide Bernasconi’s family, the textile entrepreneur who commissioned its construction, and of the silk industry, which characterizes the entire Como area. Worth the mention are also Villa D’Este, home to a hotel considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and Villa Erba, a charming exhibition and congress centre. These and many other locations and spots of Cernobbio have always represented great spaces for public or private events, as well as setting for commercials, music videos or movies.

Cernobbio has also acquired the “Comune Fiorito” Environmental Quality Mark in 2019, thanks to the attention paid to green areas, both by the Administration and the citizens, who are committed to taking care of public and private green corners in order to make the village more and more welcoming. The city is also located in a point of great interest scenically speaking, overlooking the first basin of Lake Como and at the foot of Monte Bisbino and the pre-Alps. There are, in fact, a lot of activities to do outdoor: from water sports, such as rowing or sailing, to mountain walks on the many tracks which allow to enjoy incredible views of the Lake.

Cernobbio is therefore an ideal tourist destination; it offers the most varied activities, so it can satisfy every visitor’s needs and desires. It is possible to spend the day discovering the territory and then ending in one of the typical restaurants, tasting some local lake food.

The birth of Cernobbio village dates back to the 12th Century, when the first inhabitants settled around a convent called Coenobium. Flourishing fishing village, from the 19th Century it grew a lot, thanks to the economic development. There were some important investments to improve the viability system, like the renovation of the Via Regina, the main access to the city and connection with the pre-Alps, and the Tessiture Seriche Bernasconi were founded. The entrepreneur Davide Bernasconi committed the construction of a real industrial citadel, composed by his own villa, some small others villas for for his company managers, residences for the workers and also a kindergarten for the employees’ children. Local and foreign industrialists started in the meantime to commission sumptuous villas, often representative, where they invited their wealthy guests. Soon the fame of these fascinating residences, located in an enchanting scenery, attracted the first visitors.
During the Second World War the growth of Cernobbio slowed down; the town was home for some Nazi commands and a military hospital. Despite this, the local community and Church helped many fugitives who, taking advantage of the mountain tracks, headed towards Switzerland.

After the war, the reputation of Cernobbio grew exponentially. The amazing scenery, the villas with their magnificent gardens, the romantic atmosphere, made the city irresistible to anyone and a muse for a lot of artists who found and still find inspiration for their works here.

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