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Tremezzina has had its own identity and features for a long time, including its geograph-ical, environmental, and even climatic identity, as well as a historical and cultural identity. Tremezzina also shows strong homogeneity in terms of material culture and socio-economic structure. Its ancient tourism industry, common for that whole area, grew thanks to the Grand Tour. The presence of stately homes and international hotels are proof of that. Between the 18th and 19th century, the whole Lario area was one of the essential stops of the long trip around Italy, considered to be the essential final step of a refined education.

The name Tremezzina comes from a fishermen’s town originally called “Tramezzo” or “Framezzo”, which grew between the slopes of Mount Crocione and the ancient Roman Via Regina (belonging to the military roads dating back to the Roman era), which then became Strada Regina. The whole coast has a great historical and panoramic value thanks to the sequence of settlements which spread along the shore in ancient times and later became permanent villages.

On 4 February 2014, after a long experience in joint management, Tremezzina became an independent local authority, thanks to the constitution of a new city, which was established after the fusion of the four pre-existing cities of Ossuccio, Lenno, Mezzegra and Tremezzo.

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