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Christmas in Lake Como: a unique experience

Feeling festive? come and spend Christmas holidays in the Lake Como area:
there are lots of magical things to do!

Christmas in Como
The town of Como turns into a veritable winter wonderland in the colder months.

Lights go up in the streets, decorated in the holiday spirit; giant video projections are played onto the facade of the cathedral and the surrounding buildings; Christmas markets are dotted all around the town center, selling festive food, classic decorations, arts and craft and much more; pop-up ice rinks playing catchy pop-tunes and unique events take place beneath twinkling lights, while angelical voices sing holiday songs and traditional carols, in the purest spirit of Christmas.

Como Città dei Balocchi
Como Città dei Balocchi – Photo: Andrea Butti

For the twenty-fifth consecutive year Como is immersed in the magic of Christmas thanks to the initiative Como Città dei Balocchi, a great celebration of aggregation and joy that has its symbol in great Christmas Tree.
The fir tree, over 16 metres high, enriches the heart of the Città dei Balocchi with light and magic and is decorated with thousands of lights and surrounded by a host of angels for a truly evocative fairytale atmosphere.

Great Christmas Tree, Como Città dei Balocchi
Great Christmas Tree – Photo: Andrea Butti

From 24 November 2018 to 6 January 2019 many events are scheduled, including:

  • Magic Light Festival: from saturday 24 November everyone will be able to admire the historic buildings of Como light up thanks to architectural projections and video mapping of the buildings.
    Not to be missed for 2018, the appointment in Piazza Volta with the event The light of Volta illuminates the silk that will allow the viewer to “immerse” completely in the square thanks to the famous citizen, Alessandro Volta, who will transform his invention, the voltaic pile, in the middle of research to find an ancient treasure, the silk;
  • the Christmas market organized in typical nice wooden houses that host exhibitors of food specialties, gifts and ideas, with particular attention to products at km 0. The numerous refreshment and tasting points are also a must.
  • the Ice rink and the Carousel of the ‘700, two occasions, for children and not, to experience the city while having fun;
  • the Panoramic wheel and the Città dei Balocchi Train for a spectacular tour of the city of Como to enjoy the beauty and charm of the old town and the lake.
Carousel of the '700 - Como Città dei Balocchi
Carousel of the ‘700 – Photo: Andrea Butti

Christmas in Tremezzina
the charm of the landscape and the charm of Christmas

Tremezzina with its beautiful places, the lake, the villas, the walks becomes even more enchanting during the Christmas period and is enriched with lights and “life” thanks to the many events organized.

First of all the spectacular Lake Como Christmas Light, Il più bel Presepe del mondo. A project that combines the magic and tradition of the nativity scene to the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Como. Churches, monuments, corners of town, bridges and harbours of 14 municipalities, including Tremezzina, will be illuminated to give the viewer an unforgettable experience.

The magic of the nativity scene, the tradition, the spirit that for centuries embodies this artistic representation and Lake Como, its silent movement, its breathtaking landscapes, its most characteristic corners.

Lake Como Christmas Light
Lake Como Christmas Light – Photo: Andrea Butti

Not to be missed is also the traditional Exhibition of Nativity scenes and dioramas: Lo Stupore dei Pastori: a route organised in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, itself a Nativity scene, with more than 50 Nativity scenes to visit with evocative views and magical atmospheres.

In the historical residence Tremezzina that houses the Museum of the Landscape of Lake Como you can visit an exhibition of nativity scenes and dioramas that tell the various souls of the nativity.
A guided and illustrated path through the world of nativity scenes, to learn about the many faces of this devotional art that has accompanied humanity for centuries.

Lo Stupore dei Pastori
Lo Stupore dei Pastori: exhibition of Nativity scenes and dioramas – Photo: Daniele Marucci

Excellent also the possibility of visit the gardens of Villa Carlotta in winter.
Sunday 9 December also be possible to walk through the beautiful gardens of the villa to observe nature in another guise:

an exploratory journey to understand the need of the the garden in winter and the great work of those who, every day with passion, take care of trees, plants and flowers.

Villa Carlotta Gardens
Gardens of Villa Carlotta

Dig out your woolliest scarves and get ready to see the city at its shiniest.

So, for those who want to experience the magic of Christmas in Lake Como there are plenty of festive things to do at this most enchanting time of year. Check out our accommodations list and book now your Christmas break in Lake Como. Looking for a place to dine out on the 25th? We have that covered too, with a list of fabulous restaurants. Go forth and be merry!

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