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Tremezzina, land of Nativity scenes

On the occasion of Christmas in Tremezzina 80 nativity scenes were set up.
A unique opportunity to experience Christmas in the exciting winter setting of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Lo Stupore dei Pastori
Exhibition of Nativity scenes and dioramas

Also for Christmas 2018 in the four municipalities of Tremezzina have been set up 80 nativity scenes, 65 belong to the five exhibitions promoted by AIAP Tremezzina (Associazione italiana amici del presepio) within the exhibition Lo Stupore dei Pastori: Exhibition of Nativity scenes and Dioramas.

The exhibition aims to tell the various souls of the nativity scene: from the traditional nativity scene that everyone set up at home as a child to the works of the greatest Italian nativity scene players.
Heart of the exhibition, the sector dedicated to the dioramas set in the most evocative corners of Tremezzina, realized on the occasion of the 49th national conference AIAP in collaboration with UOR Lombardy.

Nativity Scene Church of San Giuseppe, Tremezzina
Nativity Scene Church of San Giuseppe – Photo: Daniele Marucci
Venues of the exhibitions
  • from 8.12 to 06.01Villa del Balbianello
    Suggestive exhibition of Neapolitan nativity scenes in Loggia Segrè and Loggia Durini.
  • from 8.12 to 20.01Museo del Paesaggio
    A guided and illustrated path through the world of the nativity scene, to get to know the many faces of this devotional art that has accompanied humanity for centuries.

  • from 8.12 to 20.01Church of St. Bartholomew
    È dura la vita del Presepista: the first monographic exhibition of Guido Raccagni, who died in 2017, great friend and master for the nativity scene in Italy and “godfather of baptism” for the AIAP headquarters in Tremezzina.

  • from 8.12 to 31.01Church of St. Joseph
    Natale in Villa, large popular nativity scene of about 25 square meters set within a faithful reconstruction of the Villa del Balbianello.

  • from 21.12 to 31.01Casa dei Presepi
    A typical farmhouse of the lake, harmoniously inserted in one of the most picturesque historical centers of Tremezzina, hosts for the seventh year the exhibition of the nativity scenes of the group.

The Nativity scenes in the villages
Discovering artistic masterpieces and the villages of Tremezzina

The other 15 nativity scenes are part of the review Nativity scenes in Tremezzina 2018/2019, a path to discover artistic nativity scenes and especially the most beautiful corners of some of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

The Nativity scenes, open until January 13th from 9:00 to 20:00, are in the hamlets of:

Nativity Scene of Rogaro, Tremezzina
Rogaro nativity scene – Photo: Daniele Marucci

Many events are organized to “animate” and “gather” around the beautiful nativity scene exhibitions.

  • 16.12 at 12:00: Lunch among the Nativity scenes!
    An artistic-gastronomic walk through the villages and nativity scenes with Christmas music and gastronomic tastings.
  • 22.12 at 15:00: snack at the Nativity scene of Campo;
  • 29.12 at 15:30: “sweet and salty” snack at the Nativity Scene of Rogaro;
  • 01.01 at 14:30: snack at the Nativity Scene of Viano;
  • 06.01 at 15:00: snack at the Nativity Scene of Intignano.

A public success

Also this year Tremezzina, terra dei Presepi confirms itself as an event of enormous success able to attract a large number of visitors.
Saturday, December 8 for The Night of the Nativity almost 300 people have animated Villa del Balbianello.

An excellent debut that confirms the goodness of the proposal linked to the winter opening and the combination with the AIAP headquarters in Tremezzina.

Giuliano Francesco Galli, FAI Lombardia Prealpina

Sunday, December 9 also the Museo del Paesaggio in Tremezzo – where from Saturday you can visit one of the five exhibitions of Lo Stupore dei Pastori – has made recorded almost 200 presences.

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