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The Rhododendron Fairytale Forest

The Rhododendron Fairytale Forest

Friday 17th April 2020 at 14:00 at Villa Carlotta, Tremezzina will be held the event “The Rhododendron Fairytale Forest“.

We see them in gardens, we appreciate them for their showy inflorescences made of many funnel-shaped flowers. We know they are cousins of the azaleas, but beyond that, what can we find out? There is a world made of colours and shapes, there are so many curiosities and anecdotes, there is the beauty of biodiversity and there is also the knowledge of our gardeners who take loving care of them.

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  • Non-resident adult: € 15,00
  • Resident adult: € 10,00

For more information

Villa Carlotta
T. (+39) 0344 40405
E-mail: segreteria@villacarlotta.it

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