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Occidente vs Oriente

Occidente vs Oriente

West vs. East” is the theme of the first evening of Tremezzina Music Festival 2019, scheduled for Monday, August 12 at Parco Teresio Olivelli in Tremezzo starting at 9:00 pm.

The Festival opens with two groups that have in common the ability to make peoples and cultures of the world dialogue through music, . From the Mediterranean folk music to those of Eastern Europe, from Portuguese fado to Greek rebetiko to Balkan music, klezmer and tzigane. The voice and theatricality of Camilla Barbarito and the historical formation Rhapsodija trio will accompany us on an engaging and exciting journey.

In case of rain the event will be held at the Cinema-Teatro Teresio Olivelli, a few steps from the Park Teresio Olivelli (Locality of Tremezzo)


9:00 pm – Camilla Barbarito
  • Camilla Barbarito: voice
  • Fabio Marconi: guitar
  • Guido Baldoni: accordion

A singer and performer from Milan, Camilla Barbarito boasts an articulated artistic path, spent between experimental theatre and singing. In particular, she has directed her musical research towards world music, exploring the popular music of the Mediterranean, ranging from Portuguese fado to Greek rebetiko, up to touching Roma and Balkan music. His new album “Sentimento Popolare” comes as a corollary of an intense live activity that has led her to perform on many European stages, or rather in its “liberated” areas, where the public has the ability to understand popular culture in depth.
Composed of thirteen tracks, the album revolves around the geographical and cultural topos of the South of the world through which the voice of Barbarito leads us with an approach far from philology and claiming a non-anglish-speaking matrix the character and high temperatures of a variety of popular songs from our own and other countries.
Songs proudly meticulous, loyally stolen from their countries of origin, songs that have made cry and dance! That have consoled! That they helped to mark out the work, or whistle the chores. Sincere melodies, all-round. A concert to listen and celebrate together.

Camilla Barbarito - Tremezzina Music Festival 2019
10:15 pm – Rhapsodija trio
  • Maurizio Dehò: violin
  • Luigi Maione: guitar
  • Nadio Marenco: accordion

Historical popular Eastern European research group, the Rhapsódija Trio is an important reality of the Italian music scene. With 8 CDs to its credit, it ranges from European folk to the revisiting of classical songs, to the composition of own songs and soundtracks. Born in Milan in 1993, the group alternates an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad, with recordings and television appearances on all national networks. They boast important collaborations especially in the theater and film: Silvio Soldini, Gabriele Salvatores, the dance company Abbondanza-Bertoni (with performances in Europe, South America, Africa). Then Moni Ovadia, Antonio Albanese, Società del Quartetto, Musicamorfosi, Equivoci Musicali (together with the opera singer Rachel ‘o Brien). Then music for fashion, art and advertising. Famous is the reworking of “Roman Holiday” with Antonella Ruggiero in the CD “Modern Recording”.

The sound of the Rhapsodija Trio has evolved a lot over the years, but without giving up the structural elements and inspirational sources that have characterized it; complex elaborations of classical musical themes, interpretations of klezmer and tzigane music and especially original songs, which constitute much of their work, as in the new CD “A world of pieces” released this year, full of surprises.
Songs written with an “open heart” without hiding the most intimate emotions and illusions.

Rhapsodija trio - Tremezzina Music Festival 2019

For further information

T: +39 339 4480016 – +39 345 4393966
Facebook Page: Tremezzina music festival

Tremezzina Music Festival 2019 (view the festival)

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