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Category: Recipes

A selection of Lake Como’s recipes and local fish specialties

Feb 23
Castagnole recipe

Enjoy this delicious traditional Carnival recipe

Oct 20
Double trout cappelletti with leek purée soup and dill

A tasty and easy recipe dedicated to the trout that, excellent and cheap (and very…

Aug 08
Risotto with fillets of pikeperch braised with bier

A delicious recipe and a great meal-In-one

Jul 28
Trout with parmesan and parsley emulsion

A simple and healthy oven-baked trout recipe

Jul 19
Fine fresch-water fish soup

Revisited recipe of the traditional fresh-water fish soup adding a few quality ingredients

Jul 15
Sweet and Sour Trout Fillet

An easy, delicious and health recipe

Jun 20
Lake fish carpione style

The “carpione” is an old recipe that allowed people to preserve the fish for longer

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