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Category: Histories & Memories

Voices, tales, recollections and visions of lost time of Lake Como

Feb 08
The art of wine-making in the old days

Vineyards have been cultivated around the shores of lake Como for centuries

Dec 23
Artistic Visions of Lake Como: Charles Warren Eaton

Charles Warren Eaton, American landscape painter, offers a poetic and personal…

Dec 08
Alfred Stieglitz and the photos on Lake Como

We are at the end of the nineteenth century and an outstanding photographer documents,…

Nov 12
1910: an image of daily life, suspended between reality and fiction

A beautiful black-and-white image captures daily life on the lake in the early 1900's,…

Oct 12
Mark Twain on Lake Como

Mark Twain, one of the most celebrated American authors, in a poetic description of…

Aug 02
A Roman temple in front of the Comacina Island?

A painting dated 1839-40 reinterprets poetically the lake landscape

Jul 27
Playing an elegant lady of the early 1900’s on vacation on lake Como

Interview with Arianna Pollini, who participated in the shoot of Madame Solario

Jul 17
Two inglesine on the lakeside in Lenno

Among the pleasure boats sailing silently and rapidly along the shores of the lake,…

Jul 08
The other side of the coin: tourism seen from another perspective

At 14 Laura had already left her mountain village in Valtellina to work as a maid in a…

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