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Books and Guidebooks about Lake Como

May 18
Exploring the Tremezzina District

New Pocket Guide by Francesco Soletti for New Press Edizioni

Mar 08
Exploring Bellagio. The Hamlet and Villa Melzi D’Eril

Discover the heart of Bellagio and its history with this in-depth guidebook

Oct 12
Mark Twain on Lake Como

Mark Twain, one of the most celebrated American authors, in a poetic description of…

Jun 27
Who wrote Madame Solario?

Discovering the author of the novel “Madame Solario” and the places of her summer holidays

Jun 22
Lake Como, 1906: love and intrigue in a bestseller of the 1950’s

In the early years of the century, Cadenabbia on the Lake of Como was a fashionable…

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