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Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini

Piazza Mazzini is the most visited place in Bellagio. It is here that there are the piers where the ferries from different parts of Lake Como dock.

In Piazza Mazzini you can find the Tourist Office, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, ice cream parlours: is a beautiful location, very scenic.

Piazza Mazzini represents the heart of Bellagio.

Bellagio is at the head of the central promontory of Lario, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the world, not only Lake Como, but the whole world.

Its beauty has been praised, since the sixteenth century, by Italian and foreign visitors.

The charm of Bellagio is first of all panoramic because from here you can see most of Lake Como.

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