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Church of San Giorgio

Church of San Giorgio

The Church of San Giorgio is located in the heart of the historic center of Bellagio, a few steps from the town hall.

It is contemporary to the Church of San Giacomo, the main church of the city: like this one, it dates back to the XI-XII century (it is dated between 1080 and 1120).

The interior hosts a fresco of the eleventh century representing the ”Madonna della Cintura”, a cult very felt in the area, confirmed by the presence of the Confraternita dei Cinturati.

Originally the apse and altar were facing east; later they were moved to the opposite side, thus relocating the entrance towards the road. The oratory attached to the church has been the seat of the local Confraternita dei Cinturati since 1658.

The style of the period in which the church was built is shown in the stone ashlar perimeter walls, in the conch windows and in the small portal. The bell tower on horseback along Salita Genazzini is unique. Inside, there is a fresco dating back to the eleventh century of the Madonna della Cintura (depiction of the Virgin giving the belt to a monk) and a wooden statue of the same, carried in procession on the second Sunday of September by tradition.

There is no document establishing the date of building, although it is reputed to date back to the end of the eleventh century or early twelfth because of its forms and construction techniques (see the southern outer wall of the Oratory of S. Giorgio overlooking the staircase, stone ashlars with conch windows and the small portal).

The church of S.Giorgio is situated in the upper part of the historical centre of Bellagio, next to the Town Hall.

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