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Villa Carlotta #restiamoacasa

Villa Carlotta adheres to the #restiamoacasa campaign. Meanwhile nature and culture do not stop.

In full respect of the rules imposed by the Government, the villa has undertaken all those indispensable works that precede the beginning of the season and has let the sun enter the rooms so dear to Princess Carlotta.
In the park, nature is following its rhythm and we can already see the first, splendid, blooming camellias, followed by even more spectacular ones.

In the garden

The garden does not stop and is flooded by spring with its colours and scents.

“Here are the large hedges of the Italian garden that embrace the villa-museum and run along the first avenues to the cliff just below the wisteria, which will bloom between May and June.

Not only camellias, but also daffodils give a touch of sunshine and warmth as we climb the 17th century stairs and together with ripe citrus fruits welcome our thoughts and imaginary visitors who are intoxicated by the scent of lemons, grapefruits, oranges, bergamots”.

In the museum

“The museum is waiting to welcome many visitors again, but the artists through their works tell us something even now.

Romeo continues to place his look of love in Juliet’s eyes, Love inevitably holds Psyche in an eternal embrace, Venus holds Mars ready to draw his sword, Augustus supports his sister Octavia still upset after hearing the verses reminiscent of her son’s death”.

San Valentino a Villa Carlotta
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