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Historical Mills Festival, Villatico 2019

From 18 to 20 May in Colico, the second edition of the Festival of Historical Mills will take place in the ancient hamlet of Villatico. Reopening to the public of five Historical Mills. History, tastings and much more for children and adults!

From Saturday, May 18 until Monday, May 20, 2019 Molino Maufet, Molino Seregni, Molino del Secrista, Molino Murgana and Latteria di Villatico (Colico – Lecco) open their doors and invite children and adults in the ancient hamlet of Villatico (Colico) for the European days dedicated to the Historical Mills, sponsored by AIAMS – Italian Association of Friends of Historical Mills and the Municipality of Colico.

Three days full of fragrances, beautiful countryside scenarios and traditions in a place where lake and mountains give life to unforgettable and evocative atmospheres…

The event, now in its eighth edition (in Italy) aims to make known to the public an architectural, technological and cultural heritage often forgotten.

The event will take place regardless of weather conditions in the historic village of Villatico.

It will be possible to park freely and without charge at the specially marked space next to the Cemetery of Villatico (Via alla Calchera).


It is possible to follow two itineraries, both well signposted on site:

Direct route between the mills

  • 1.5 km outward + 1.5 km return
  • total height difference + 202m / -202m
  • follow brown tourist signs – one part is unpaved
  • Church of San Bernardino – Molino Secrista – Dairy of Villatico – Molino Maufet – Molino Seregni – Molino Murgana

CAI Mill Trail Route

  • 1.5 km outward + 1.5 km return
  • total height difference + 202m / -202m
  • follow signs CAI Anello Molini – almost entirely unpaved
  • Church of San Bernardino – Molino Secrista – Dairy of Villatico – Molino Maufet – Ring Molini CAI – Old Votive Chapel – Mill Murgana – Mill Seregni – return

Both routes are suitable for everyone, but for pushchairs only the section Church of San Bernardino – Molino Maufet is suitable. Alternatively, from Molino Maufet you can take the Fontanedo road.

In addition to the refreshment points at the Mills, there is a Picnic Area equipped with tables and water in the locality of Robustello in front of the Molino Murgana.

Molino Maufet – Fontanedo Street 33
  • Free visit to the eighteenth-century mill
  • Free and guided tasting & sale of honey [APAS]
  • Tasting and sale of products [Azienda Agricola Somartii]
  • Story of the connection between Molini and Apicoltura
  • Wine tasting (in collaboration with Colico in Cantina)
  • Joyful musical participation of 2 accordionists
  • Projection in the ancient vault of the suggestive movie set in Premana “Il Mattino sorge ad est” [Association Il Corno] with the presence of one of the protagonists – Saturday 18 at 8:30 pm (limited places).
  • Possibility to take part in a guided excursion with an accredited hiking guide (10 km). For info and registration

Old-fashioned sweet ponds, tasty strolling samples, homemade beer, tea & coffee (Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm)

Molino Maufet, Villatico
Molino Maufet, Villatico

Molino Murgana – Locality of Robustello, Villatico
  • Free visit to the eighteenth-century mill
  • Tasting & sale of honey
  • Wine tasting (in collaboration with Colico in Cantina)

Desserts with honey and local tastings (Saturday 18 and Sunday 19)

Molino Murgana, Villatico
Molino Murgana, Villatico

Molino Seregni – Fontanedo Street 65
  • Free visit to the eighteenth-century mill
  • Demonstration of milling

Sciatt, gnocchetti from Valchiavenna, blueberry ice cream, pie (Saturday 18, Sunday 19, Monday 20 at lunch)

Molino Seregni, Villatico

Molino Secrista – Alley Mulin 1
  • Visit to the “modern” mill
  • Demonstration of milling
  • Wine tasting (in collaboration with Colico in Cantina)

Polenta, bresaola and Latteria cheese (Sunday 19 from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm until sold out)

Molino Secrista, Villatico

Latteria di Villatico – Fontanedo Street 27
  • Free visit to the external wheel which fed the ancient churn;
  • Sale of cheese, yogurt, panna cotta etc.. (Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm);
  • Sale of products and fish in carpione (in collaboration with Fabio Valentini Pesce di Lago Pesca Lavorazione Vendita)
  • Workshops with flour for children of all ages in the ancient kindergarten held by the historic baker Cleto di Ponte di Valtellina – first floor Latteria (Sunday 19 hours 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

Church of San Bernardino – Giovanni Paolo II Square
  • Free visit and historical/artistic guided tours (Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 am and from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm; Sunday from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm; Monday from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm);
  • SS Holy Masses (Sunday at 08:00 am and 11:00 am; Monday Patronal Feast of San Bernardino from Siena Solemn Mass at 10:30 am)
  • Presentation of the book “Don Domenico Songini – Un pastore in mezzo al suo popolo” accompanied by the concert of ‘Ensamble Armonia delle Sfere’ (Sunday 19 at 8:45 pm – free entry.
Chiesa di San Bernardino - Villatico

Museo della Cultura Contadina – Campione Street 21
  • Free visit (Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 May);
  • Picnic at the Museum (Sunday, May 20 – only in case of good weather) and exhibition of cereals, rye and other ancient grains (in collaboration with Azienda Agricola Raetia Biodiversity)
Museo della Cultura Contadina, Villatico

Centre of Villatico
  • Roundabouts in the square! (Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 May);
  • Grandparents’ games and children’s mill tour (Monday 20 May);
  • Annual Fair of San Bernardino (Monday, May 20).

The ancient hamlet of Villatico

Leaving Colico Piano and taking the road that climbs towards Villatico you immediately have the pleasant feeling of a journey back in time. The noises, the cars and the crowd don’t seem to belong anymore to that instant and almost suddenly the intense blue of the sky and the lake, the ancient majestic Church of San Bernardino, the old washhouse and the narrow Alley Mulini lead to our mills. It is said that this interweaving of alleys jealously guarded by the imposing but reassuring white bell tower surrounded by mountains, have in itself the hidden seed of the first hamlet of the municipality. Continuous glimpses of leaning houses, of old cellars of blackened vaults with the suggestion of vines and destinies spent on wet earth floors, perfumed with flour and warmed only by the family fireplace.
– Molino Maufet

Molino Maufet, Villatico

How to get there

Colico is about 90 km from Milan and is easily accessible by car, train or boat.

By Car
Colico can easily be reached from Milan, Lecco and Chiavenna with the SS36; from Tirano and Sondrio with the SS38 and from Como with the road “Regina” SS340.

By Train
Colico can be reached in about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Milan by regional train. From Bergamo you have to reach Lecco and then change. For information on timetables please consult:

By Boat
Colico can be reached from Lecco, Como and Bellagio. For information on timetables see:

Villatico is an ancient hamlet located 6 minutes drive from Colico center.
Once in Colico follow the signs for the Cemetery of Villatico, Via alla Calchera, Colico Piano. Next to the cemetery there is a free parking.

For further information

Villatico and its ancient mills
T: +39 366 7404948

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