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Category: Festivals

Find out more about Lake Como’s local festivals, traditional feasts, religious holidays and celebrations

Dec 05
New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 in Como and around Lake Como

Get your friends and family together and see Lake Como light up for the new year

May 14
Historical Mills Festival, Villatico 2019

A walk that takes us back in time among ancient mills, fragrances and traditions of…

Apr 04
Easter 2019 on Como Lake

Easter in Lake Como: the perfect holiday destination to relax, discover and have fun

Jan 28
Valentine’s Day 2019 on Lake Como

Spend a romantic day discovering the charming village of Varenna and its lakeside…

Jan 10
Carnival of Schignano 2019

Funny, involving, exciting, every year the Carnival of Schignano enchants its visitors

Mar 19
Easter in Lake Como? Discover the beauty of Tremezzina

Find Easter events, attractions opening times, restaurants & accommodations in…

Aug 09
Traditional San Rocco Festival in Boffalora

A traditional festival in the fantasic backdrop of Ossuccio's mountains

Jun 29
Video Sagra di San Giovanni 2016

Watch the video of the best and biggest fireworks display of Lake Como

Jun 17
Three reasons why you shouldn’t miss the San Giovanni Festival

Find out what makes this one event one of a kind

Jun 15
The traditional “Sagra of San Giovanni”

Discover the intimate, collected and religious feelings of the 19th century…

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