Walks in Tremezzina: From Sala Comacina to the Alpe di Sala

A rather challenging hike, but suitable for everyone, that from the village of Sala Comacina, passing through Canelva, leads to the Alpe di Sala and continues to a breathtaking viewpoint over Lake Como.

Length of the walk: 3.30h
Fatigue required: Medium high
Amazement in front of the view that awaits you: Indescribable

Unfortunately, although our Lario has infinite possibilities of being watched from the top of the mountains bordering on its waters, the different paths to reach these scenic spots are most often little or nothing indicated.
That is why today I feel obliged to share with you, that you never satisfied with classic tours, hiking and walking enthusiasts, an alternative route to the excursion along the Greenway of Lake Como(Now become a MUST for those who first enter in Tremezzina).

I am referring to a rather tiring path but of incredible charm: the route from the village of Sala Comacina leads to the Alpe di Sala.
The starting point of this journey is San Rocco at Sala Comacina, a small chapel along the Viale degli Ulivi (the street where you can easily park your car), where you will find the only sign that points to Canelva and Alpe Of Sala. I would like to point out that at this point the view on the Comacina Island is not bad.
We follow the signs for the Alpe / Canelva and from here we head for Colonno, then we go to the Greenway route but after a few meters, before the cemetery, we take the first road that rises to the right, we move away from the village and start to climb .
After ten minutes we find farms on the left, usually inhabited by 100% local locals available to give you information, we are so in Oseno and there are alternatives but we continue to climb along our mule track.
After a few meters a nice farmhouse, followed by a pink farmhouse; We continue for a few meters and then come to a crossroads in Loi resort: always straight ahead, in the direction of Ossuccio you reach the Torre del Soccorso or Torre del Barbarossa, while climbing to the left we head to our destination.
We then turn left and continue climbing. The ascent becomes steeper and we face different bends without a view of the lake due to the numerous trees.

We cross our long way to a last house, well cared for and with a wooden sign in front of the entrance, we continue uphill and the fatigue begins to be felt .. we breathe for a few minutes in a flat stretch bounded by a huge smooth stone Which stretches in length.
This rock keeps in mind because within a few meters you will finally have the first pleasant view of the lake, a first satisfaction after more than 40 minutes of walking.
Finally at this point the trees open a bit to let us admire the beauty of this beautiful landscape, which at all angles always leaves us open.

Behind this panoramic curve there is a small expanse with a yellow chapel where in our autumn and winter we can easily see our now well-loved Isola Comacina, the Balbianello and the tip of Bellagio.

Once again, we resume climbing, leaving the chapel to the right, and we enter a small, almost unknown town called Proch with some abandoned and destroyed houses whose only entrance doors remain.
Usually here in a farmhouse resides Pierino, known by everyone in the country for cheeses, with his donkey.
It’s hard to find people who still live in mountain huts today, without all the usual comforts of our town or town dwellings, but in these areas it is easy to find these true and pure inhabitants .. and if ever there Take the opportunity do not be timid or do not be afraid of the strange air of these gentlemen or gentlemen; Ask for information or exchange two chats and if you are lucky you will be able to discover so many curiosities in the area as well as taste their products 100% made in Lake Como.

But let’s go back to us and after these farms we continue along the curve that goes to the right and we reach another view on our lake but here we are at another junction.
This time it’s about choosing a fairly steep path that goes straight to Ossuccio and another unpaved path that sits on the left. Between the two we follow the less inviting appearance that is on the left and we continue to meet other farms, this time they could also make us the sheep of the shepherds in the area.

We are on the 800 m and we have been walking for almost two hours (depending on the pitch) but what we are grinning about is the meadows and the sense of peace that this almost enchanted place transmits to us. We are completely isolated from everything that normally surrounds us like cars, shops, streets, crowds and chaos in the city. The only noise we perceive is the chirping of a few birds, the quick escape of lizards, or the rustling of the leaves generated by the wind.

We still have some farms, we continue on a climb that goes to the left .. if it seems to be in a parallel world so far, once we get to Canelva, our astonishment does not allow us to describe the best we have before eyes.

A slight uphill that leads to this unusual, remote and quiet village leaves behind us an incredible view: a huge expanse of meadows, with cows, goats or simply grass .. that on our eyes end only because beyond it you see the blue color of the lake.

Arriving at Canelva, a country that really keeps you in the heart because of its simplicity that is nothing more than pure beauty, we understand that we miss our final destination and that much of the journey has been completed.

Satisfied by this first great goal, we continue along the mule track that, crossing the country, begins to climb with a series of bends. Often in this section of the trail you meet other goats and animals with which the shepherds in the area produce the famous formaggini.
With the water in the mouth after the last 15 minutes of climb, we finally get close to a sign indicating the Alpe di Sala.

We are thus at 1240 m in a south-facing, wind-sheltered place, enjoying a mild winter temperature and a cool summer climate; In this farm we can decide to stop for lunch and taste the typical products of the area as a good plate of polenta accompanied by the merlot wine produced by the company.
Right near the sign indicating the farm, it is easy to get drawn from the sign indicating “Panoramic Point to 10 minutes”.
As children attracted by candies, we fall into this pleasant trap for lovers of breathtaking views .. despite the legs ask for pity we continue the ascent that borders on the blue side with the woods and really in 10 minutes we arrive at this scenic spot on Lake Como.

We can see Bellagio, across the shore of Lake Como, opposed to our beloved Tremezzina, Brienno … in short, a vision to leave without words even a person who lives in this area like me.

I would like to describe it as a true corner of peace, perfect for a quiet retreat, for true relaxing time, for taking a bit of the sun that in winter and spring warms your bones and gives you a Sense of energy.

For those who are not satisfied, I can suggest to continue from this point until the arrival of the Vian of the Lari Mountains: this is an itinerary, created by the CAI of Como, a total of 125km that from Cernobbio ends in Sorico but which for convenience is subdivided into different sections. From the Alpe di Sala you can cross the section two for a long journey, that is, that from San Fedele Intelvi continues to Menaggio.

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