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From Capanna Bruno to Monte Crocione

  • Starting point: Rifugio Capanna Giuseppe e Bruno – Locality Capanna Bruno, 22023 Castiglione D’intelvi CO
  • Walking time: approx. 2 h 30 min depending on walking speed
  • Vertical drop: approx. 325 m

Leave the car in the Capanna Bruno car park at the end of the paved road (1160 m).

Behind the Refuge it is possible to take the path that leads to Pizzo della Croce.
After an initial climb, proceed along the path on the left that leads to:

  • Mulattiera per Mater
  • Monte Crocione
  • Orimento

The first destination is Mater (altitude 1.340 mt). The path on the left starts slightly uphill on a dirt road surrounded by meadows.
After a few bends, near a meadow, where you can usually see horses, the path divides.
You don’t go straight but proceed by taking the small climb on the left that after a few bends leads on a wide mule track.
Shortly afterwards you enter a wood and continue almost flat on a path that is sometimes dirt and sometimes paved.
The path continues in and out of the wood with minimal slopes that alternate with short uphill stretches.

Along the way if you look to the left you can admire Lake Como with the Balbianello Peninsula and a long chain of mountains at the bottom of which there are the Grigne and the S. Primo.

At the end of the Mulattiera to Mater you come to a cross from which you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view.

You then continue on a steep climb towards Pizzo della Croce.
Along the way you will find positions and trenches, some well preserved, of the Cadorna Line that served to defend our borders during the Great War.

Continuing along the path you reach the summit of Pizzo della Croce (1485 m.) where there is an iron cross, a memorial stone dedicated to the V° Alpini BTG Valle Intelvi 1915-1940 and a stone altar.

The Pizzo, also known as Monte Crocione, overlooks Lake Como and the view from the top is really beautiful.

You can see some of the most famous mountains of Lake Como: Monte di Tremezzo, Monte San Primo, Corni di Canzo, Grignetta, Grigna, Monte Legnone, Pizzo di Gino and Sasso Gordona. To the north are the peaks of the Rhaetian Alps of Valchiavenna and Val Masino while to the south and west on clear days you can see the Apennines and Monviso with its characteristic pyramidal shape.

After a stop to enjoy the splendid view, you take the path back down the slope below the former ski lift arrival station and go directly down to the “Bolla-Capanna Bruno”.

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