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Gravedona ed Uniti

Gravedona is a center rich in history and art. In the IV and V centuries it was the pivot of the diffusion of Christianity in the Upper Lake and together with Dongo and Sorico it constituted the feud of the Tre Pievi.

The splendid church of S. Maria del Tiglio, which can be reached by following the lake promenade on the left, is one of the main Romanesque monuments of the province. It preserves to its inside precious frescos and a valuable wooden crucifix. In the center of the country, following the indications for Castello, you reach the most ancient nucleus of Gravedona. In the high part of the village there is the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie called “il Convento”, from the grassy churchyard you can enjoy a wonderful view on the inlet of Gravedona. The church is of Augustinian foundation and dates back to 1467; inside there are frescoes considered among the most significant of Lombard painting of the early sixteenth century; during the summer months the “Cooperativa Imago” (tel. 0344 82572) organizes guided tours of the churches.

In the village, overlooking the lake, there is Palazzo Gallio, a majestic palace with towers and a loggia, built at the end of the sixteenth century by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio. For several years now, “The Pianomaster Festival” has been held in one of its splendid rooms. We recommend as a walk the itinerary Gravedona – Domaso (1:30 hours) that goes up to the inhabited center of Segna offering a spectacular view on the High Lake.
The market takes place every first and third Wednesday of the month.

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