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Domaso - Lago di Como


Domaso, a village of Roman origin, has maintained for centuries an economy based mainly on fishing, before becoming an important tourist center. From the pier you cross the state road and you go to the right passing under the beautiful arcades. When you reach Ghislanzoni Square you enter the historical center along the “Contrada”, the name that the inhabitants of the town have always given to the Ancient Strada Regina, a road of Roman origin that connected Milan and Como through Chiavenna to the Alpine passes. You arrive in Piazza della Chiesa, where there is the Church of San Bartolomeo that preserves inside rich baroque furniture and works of art (usually open).
Follow Via Roma to get to Piazza Trento (also called Piazza dei Frati), where there is the Church of Sant’Antonio (always closed) and, just behind it, the ancient Church of San Giovanni, now deconsecrated and become a private home.

Continuing on Via Roma, you arrive at the back gate of the park of Villa Camilla: you can enter and walk in the small public park. Turning on the front of the villa you find yourself in front of the lake: going out from the gate, crossing the street and continuing on the left, you find the Piazza della Madonnina, where the tourist office is located. Crossed the bridge over the torrent Livo, on the right there is a road that leads to the beach.

The beach of Domaso is one of the longest of the lake and offers numerous possibilities to practice water sports, such as windsurfing. We also recommend the walk that leads from the historic center of Domaso to the hamlets of Pozzolo (about 20 minutes walk on a mule track) where there is, in a panoramic position, the small church dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie. From Domaso you can also follow the beautiful cycle-pedestrian path to the lake up to Sorico.

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