Greenway Lago di Como - Colonno


Just beyond the foaming Camoggia waterfall sits the village of Colonno, lounging comfortably across the slopes of Monte Costolone as they swoop down to meet Lake Como. The residential part of the village is split in two by the Strada Regina, which runs parallel to the lake.

The mountainside is home to a series of terraces that were created in order for the land to be farmed. As for Colonno’s street plan, it has changed little since mediaeval times. Its narrow roads are packed tightly with houses, making it all the more surprising when its typical alleyways open suddenly onto the lake.

Some of the village’s landmarks include the house bridge over the Pessetta stream – still scarred by the flood of 1905 – and the lakeside Palazzo Pretura with its beautiful sixteenth-century wooden door.

The parish church of San Michele Arcangelo, which borders the only lakeside piazza, is also not to be missed.

Main attractions in Colonno

What to see in Colonno

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