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Variante della Tremezzina – Info Closure Strada Statale Regina

Starting from Monday, November 29, 2021 and until 5:00 p.m. of April 5, 2022, State Road SS 340 "Regina" will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the municipality of Colonno, for the initial phase of works by ANAS for the construction of the so-called "Variante Tremezzina". Alternative mobility has been planned: alternative road routes and implementation of various public transport services.

Alternative routes

Details of the routes to get around the closure of Colonno.

On the basis of the report prepared by the Traffic Police, three are the routes identified on the axis Tremezzina – Como:

  • Passage through the SS 340 from Menaggio to Porlezza and then continue on the SP 13 road to Centro Valle Intelvi and the SP 14 road to Argegno. On the SP 14, in the San Fedele Intelvi – Porlezza section, trucks over 12 meters long and weighing more than 24 tons, as well as vehicles over 3.80 meters high, are prohibited.
  • Through Switzerland, along the SS 340 from Menaggio up to Porlezza and then continue on Swiss territory along the A 2 until Lugano.
  • Through the SS 36, passing through Lecco. In this case it is possible to drive along the SS 340 in a northerly direction as far as the intersection with the SS 36 in the municipality of Colico or, alternatively, to embark the cars from Cadenabbia or Menaggio to drive on the other side of the lake as far as Varenna, and then continue on the SP 72 or the SS 36.

Precisely in connection with this study, ANAS arranged for the positioning of signs to warn motorists of both the closure at Colonno and the limitations for heavy vehicles along the Valle d’Intelvi, also including the suggested alternative route and its length in kilometers. In collaboration with the owners, similar notices will be reproduced, starting one week before the start of the worksite, on the entire A9 and on the entire section under the responsibility of Pedemontana.

In order to avoid critical traffic situations, the Traffic Police identified some points to be guarded with fixed operators in suitable places to be able to reverse vehicles exceeding the transit limits. These are Laglio, at the intersection with the SP 71 road, and Porlezza, at the intersection with via Cuccio. The Laino bottleneck will be guarded by traffic observers.

Navigazione Laghi – Details on rides and refunds

The fast service has been upgraded with the insertion of an additional hydrofoil in the timetable that will make an additional 4 trips with the extension of some of them to Colico. The ferry service will be carried out with 4 vehicles and will cover the time slot from 4.50 to 00.10.
A shuttle service will connect Argegno and Sala Comacina ports of call from 5 a.m. to 9.45 p.m., a fundamental link to guarantee the right to mobility for citizens.

From a fares point of view Navigazione Lago di Como confirms the following reductions guaranteed with internal resources at the moment.

The shuttle service between Argegno and Sala Comacina will be free of charge, with delivery of a 0-value ticket in accordance with the relevant regulations in force.
A 50% reduction will be applied to season tickets for the fast service that covers the site area, with origin and destination on the western shore of the lake, and ferry season tickets (vehicles and passengers), starting from January 2022, recovering the amount paid in December 2021 at the end of the last month (March 2022). It should be noted that possession of a season ticket does not guarantee a seat on board.
We hope that the measures put in place in coordination with the authorities and the other LPT carriers can at least partially mitigate the great discomfort of passengers, trusting that every critical issue can be overcome with the cooperation of all.

In order to allow passengers disembarking at Bellagio to catch the 12:31 and 13:31 buses to Como, Navigazione has brought forward the runs of some ferries by 5 minutes.
The updated schedule is available here.

AFS autolinee – Details on rides and refunds

ASF has implemented some changes to the service:

Linea C10 Como – Menaggio – Colico
The line will be divided into two sections, Como-Argegno and Sala Comacina-Menaggio, which will be connected by a link via lake Argegno-Sala Comacina provided by Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi. In fact, there will be a boat that will make the Sala Comacina-Argegno route, taking about 40 minutes, with a capacity of over 200 seats.
Through coordinated schedules the connections between Menaggio and Como and back will be guaranteed:

  • weekdays: every 50 minutes, with departures from Como starting at 5:00 until 20:30 and departures from Menaggio starting at 4:50 until 21:00. Travelling time for the whole route will be about 1 hour and 40 minutes;
  • on holidays: with trips every two hours, with departures from Como starting at 6:35 am until 8:35 pm and departures from Menaggio starting at 6:30 am until 8:30 pm. December 25, 2021 and January 1, 2022 will be excluded.
    Check here the timetable

In order to facilitate a better movement the service will be implemented with additional connections:

  • 12 trips Menaggio – Como and return via Porlezza – Lugano: running only on school weekdays and with dedicated timetables for students attending schools in Como. The runs will leave from 5:40 to 5:54, the first two will provide a direct service from Croce to San Mamete, without stops, while the other four will make stops in the towns of Bene Lario, Piano, San Pietro, Tavordo, Cima and Cressogno. On the return journey there will be 2 trips to serve the 13:00 and 4 trips to serve the 14:00 exits. Standing passengers will not be admitted on these routes and all passengers must have valid documents for foreign travel. Unaccompanied minors under 14 years of age will not be admitted.
    Check here the timetable of night runs
    Check here the timetable of line C12
  • 20 races Colonno – Tremezzo and return: circulating on weekdays, and with dedicated timetables for those who from Colonno need to reach Como via the Sala – Argegno boat. These connections, considering the particularity of the road, will be carried out with vehicles of reduced dimensions.
    Check here the timetable
  • 8 runs that will ensure territorial continuity also during the night hours. Through the route Como – Argegno – San Fedele Intelvi – Laino – Porlezza – Menaggio – Tremezzo – Colonno. The first run will leave at 21:30 from Como, the last at 1:30, while from Colonno the service will be guaranteed from 22:30 to 2:20. These connections will run from the night Monday-Tuesday to the night Saturday-Sunday and will be made with small vehicles. They will not circulate the nights December 8-9, December 25-26, December 31-January 1, January 1-2, January 6-7, as well as all nights Sunday-Monday.
    Check here the timetable
  • Line C10 trips on the Menaggio – Colico route will undergo limited schedule changes to accommodate the other changes described above. All detailed timetables are available here.

Linea C20 Como – Argegno – Lanzo
Line C20 is affected by the changes, as all Argegno – Como “via Lago” and vice versa will be named C20. The existing weekday services from Val d’Intelvi to Como will not be affected, even if they will be called “C10” between Argegno and Como.
In order to guarantee a better service, 11 additional trips will be added on school working days on the Como – San Fedele route and vice versa, distributed throughout the day.
The holiday service of the C20 line (which is limited to the Lanzo – Argegno route with a connection to Como on the C10 line) will be entirely modified, in order to adapt to the changes made to the C10 line due to the works. All the detailed timetables can be consulted on in the section “Lines and timetables” and on the dedicated page.
It should be noted that some journeys will be made by subcontractors, also with touring vehicles, on which line and destination will be indicated.
Check here the timetable of the line C20

New ride Como – San Fedele
Asf autolinee, in order to improve the service, has introduced the following changes to lines C10 and C20:

  • a new service has been added from Como-S. Fedele at 05:45 and return from S. Fedele to Como at 06:50 via panoramic route.
  • route 10T022 Como-Argegno at 13:24 is brought forward to 13:10, leaving Lazzago Magistri Cumacini and passing through the bus station at 13:30.
  • the departure of route 10T020 from Como to Argegno will be brought forward from 12:30 to 12:20

Travel documents
For the entire duration of the works, for holders of ASF and IVOL/IVOP tickets including the Sala Comacina – Argegno route, it will be possible to use the boat service provided by Navigazione Laghi free of charge, providing the user with a zero-value ticket in accordance with the relevant regulations in force. The ASF ticket must in any case be kept for the ASF ticket office.

During the period from December 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, all purchasers of a monthly ticket associated with a valid ASF card that includes the Sala Comacina – Argegno and vice versa route (including journeys via Switzerland) will be able to receive a discount equal to 50% of the full value of the monthly ticket. The discount can be used from the following month by offsetting it against the purchase of a new monthly ticket or by requesting a refund at the end of the period.
These benefits can be obtained at the ASF ticket offices in Como Piazza Matteotti and Menaggio Via Roma.

Operating Instructions for Monthly Bond Refunds

The refreshment will be possible for all those who include in their route the route Sala Comacina – Argegno (or vice versa), including those who take the route through Lugano as an alternative.

It will be possible to redeem the refreshment in two ways:

  • Rinnovo al 50% del titolo solo in biglietteria ASF.
    This method can only be done at the ASF bus stations (Via Roma Menaggio and Piazza Matteotti in Como) and to be entitled to it, it will be sufficient to present a monthly purchased at full price from the moment of the beginning of the works. At that point, the 50% refund will be applied on subsequent renewals until the month following the end of the works.
    E.g. December monthly purchase at full price. January renewal at 50%, February renewal at 50%, March renewal at 50% (completion of work), April renewal at 50%.
  • Refund through bank transfer. Soly for monthly passes purchased online and at the ASF ticket office.
    This method provides for a refund equal to 50% of the value of the season tickets purchased during the 4 months of work. The season tickets must be purchased at the ASF ticket offices (Via Roma Menaggio and Piazza Matteotti in Como) or online, excluding season tickets purchased at retail outlets. In order to be entitled to this modality it will be sufficient to fill in a self-declaration at the end of the works attaching the scans of the purchased tickets in addition to the identification card and the IBAN for the credit.
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