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Tremezzina, a tribute video for Comacina Island and the Festival of San Giovanni

The Municipality of Tremezzina, in collaboration with LacMus Festival, has decided to make a video to celebrate the Sagra di San Giovanni and Isola Comacina in its 100th anniversary of the return from Belgium to Italy. Special guest: Davide Van De Sfroos. Online Sunday, June 28th, 6:00 pm on our website and on social channels.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, this year – for the first time – the Sagra di San Giovanni will not be held: a very painful decision by the Municipality of Tremezzina, especially because 2020 would also see the celebrations for the centenary of the return of Comacina Island to Italy.

The event, which combines history, folklore and religion, has always been much loved and followed, and not only by the inhabitants of the area. This is why the Municipality of Tremezzina – in collaboration with LacMus Festival – has decided to remember the event and celebrate it in an unusual way, creating a video with breathtaking images of Comacina Island and the surrounding area.

“The burnt and devastated island has been reborn as a place of international art and culture, with the Brera Academy, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Municipality – comments Mauro Guerra, Mayor of Tremezzina -. The Municipality of Tremezzina bears in its coat of arms the fire and the Arab phoenix rising from its ashes.
This year no festival and no fireworks, but a strong and symbolic message that we want to launch to the world in respect of safety measures: the island remains the heart of this land, its history and its beauty and cultural wealth. As after the fire, the Island and the Tremezzina, after the emergency, paying homage and respect to the pain and suffering it has brought, are ready to be reborn and are preparing to write an extraordinary new page of art, culture and beauty”

It will be a story by images and by voice (that of Arianna Pollini) of the Island between history, faith, legend and art, without forgetting the so called “Fire of the Island” – the most awaited and scenographic event of the Festival – that is the incredible fireworks show that recalls the battle of 1169 when the people of Como, thanks to the support of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, razed the island to the ground to take revenge for the alliance with Milan.

The music of the video (pieces by Beethoven, Colasanti, Debussy and Puccini) was performed by the Quartetto Adorno right on Isola Comacina and filmed live.

Special guest will be no less than the singer Davide Van De Sfroos, who will appear in the video with an intervention filmed for the occasion, in his always very personal and recognizable style.

The video will be launched online on Sunday, June 28th at 18:00 on the website and its channels Facebook and Instagram Instagram.

It will therefore be a “gift” from the Municipality of Tremezzina to all those who love the Comacina Island and the Sagra di San Giovanni in particular, but it is also planned a fitting tribute to the victims of Covid.

Always Sunday 28th June, in fact, during the masses in Lenno (9:45 a.m.) and Ossuccio (11:00 a.m.) the parish priest Don Italo Mazzoni will remember the names of all the citizens of Tremezzina who unfortunately disappeared due to the epidemic.

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