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Opening Island Comacina – Season 2020

Isola Comacina reopened to the public on Saturday, July 11, 2020 with new modalities and precise indications for visitors.

The only island of Lake Como, appreciated for its lush nature and beautiful views, the Isola Comacina is also one of the most interesting archaeological areas of northern Italy for the early Middle Ages.

About 600 meters long and just 200 meters wide, the Comacina Island includes a total area of 6 hectares, mostly covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation. Access to the island is by lake with embarkation at Ossuccio (Taxi-boat) or by means of the Navigazione Lago di Como which allows you to disembark directly on the island.

The agreement between the Municipality of Tremezzina and Navigazione has brought from Saturday, July 11 8 trips (four to Lezzeno and Lenno and four to Argegno and Como) daily on the island, which become 9 on Sunday.

Access regulations for Comacina Island
  • access to Comacina Island is allowed from 10:00 to 17:45 every day of the week;
  • access to the Island is free and must take place in respect of the buildings, structures, equipment, archaeological sites, flora and fauna. In particular, it is forbidden to access and / or trample all the sediments and archaeological finds on the island;
  • The landing will have to take place through the public jetty, on which it will be possible to stop only for the time necessary to load and unload the passengers;
  • the practice of recreational and/or sporting activities is not allowed, nor the use of the surface of the Island for picnics and/or packed lunches. The lighting of fires, bonfires or the use of grills and similar utensils is strictly forbidden;
  • access to the Island must be in compliance with all regulations and prescriptions issued for the containment of the emergency Covid-19.
Isola Comacina - Lago di Como
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