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Volunteers’ Day 2019 – Bellagio

Volunteers' Day 2019 - Bellagio

Saturday, December 7 at 21:15 at the Palazzetto dello Sport di Bellagio is organizing the Volunteers Festival with Concert of Gospel Music.

To perform the Gogoris Gospel Band.

The event, organized to celebrate the volunteers of Bellagio, is open to all.

Gogoris Gospel Band

Born by chance in 1996 from the meeting of some friends who had in common the strong desire to make music, to be together and, in the not too distant future, to form a choir. The elements that form the choir are divided into 4 voices: sopranos, contraltos, tenors and basses. Obviously there are also soloists.

The choir is distinguished by the choice of songs from the classic choirs: Gospel songs, Spiritual mostly. Aware that they have neither the musicality nor the vocality of African-American choirs, the Gogoris deviate slightly from the standard American arrangements and thanks to the good collaboration between the maestro and the band, they create songs closer to the European musicality and vocality.

Christmas 2019 in Bellagio (view the festival)

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