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The arboreal monuments of Villa Carlotta #3

Friday, November 1 the residence of Villa Carlotta offers an opportunity for a special visit to seize the change of the garden in the autumn season in direct connection with the change of the inner garden of each person.

Appointment at 10:30 with the sensory path “The tree monuments of Villa Carlotta“: an activity of emotional deepening in close relation to the natural environment in which you are inserted, where the trees are a tool and a guide in the journey of rediscovery of themselves. The appointment of silvo-therapy is organized in collaboration with the Association Il Sentiero dei Sogni.

The activity is available in Italian-Spanish-French for groups from 8 to 20 participants.

Cost: € 20,00
Mandatory booking

Sensory paths

The connection with nature is fundamental to know oneself, to reconnect with one’s soul and with the world. The park of Villa Carlotta has all the characteristics necessary to create a path of emotional deepening and bring those who visit it closer to a better view of themselves, because its trees, flowers, the union between mountain and forest-lake offer contemplative spaces, where communication with nature can be deep, transforming, able to generate unique experiences.

The Sensory Paths are an invitation to live a transformative experience within the park, where interlocutors and teachers are the Monumental Trees (to which is recognized not only an environmental value but also cultural).

For info and reservations

Villa Carlotta
T. +39 0344 40405
E-mail: segreteria@villacarlotta.it

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