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Sound bath with Tibetan bell 2019 #2

Sound bath with Tibetan bell 2019 #2

“Il Massaggio”, Varenna

Wednesday, December 18at “Il Massaggio”, sound bath with Tibetan bell for kindergarten children.

Two appointments:

  • at 10:00 a.m.
  • at 14:00 hrs

Sound bath with Tibetan bell

The benefits that can be obtained by using these wonderful instruments with wisdom, can be found in the medium, long term but also in the immediate: a quieter sleep, a better digestive metabolism, a calmer mind, a more lively and present intelligence. At the same time as the most visible physical benefits, the sound massage intervenes with surprising effectiveness even in the most subtle aspects of the person receiving it: emotional, mental and spiritual.

Info and contacts

Varenna Tourist Office
T +39 0341 830367
M: varennaturismo@gmail.com
Fb: www.facebook.com/pagina.varennaturismo

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