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Let’s play JULKLAPP

The 15th of December at the International House Team Languages – Como, at 15:00 and 16:00 second appointment of the event “Let’s play JULKLAPP”, an afternoon of fun in English.


It comes from an ancient Swedish Christmas tradition where a person first knocks on the door (hence: julklapp) and then throws the package into the house with his Christmas gift inside or with directions on where to find it.
The term, therefore, in addition to indicating the tradition itself has passed to mean also “Christmas gift”.


For one day, children and parents can become little “Santa Claus”.
The gift can be anything: affection, laughter, stars, chocolate.

During the afternoon there will be several experiences in English language full of interest for the whole family.

Christmas is a special time for everyone that involves us on the sense of “gift” as something that you give without expecting anything in return. A gift of love, kindness, sharing and laughter for all our loved ones; for this reason gifts are a fundamental part of Christmas.

Info & Enrollment (required)

Maximum 15 people per group.
T: 392 0907373

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