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L’Inverno – Luigi Bianghi

L'Inverno - Luigi Bianghi

From January 13th until January 27, the Civic Art Gallery of Como will be exhibiting from its archives the painting The winter by artist Luigi Binaghi. The exhibition is part of the initiative The art revealed: works from the deposits of the Pinacoteca.


  • Full: € 4.00
  • Reduced / groups: € 2.00
  • Cumulative ticket 3 museums: € 10,00
  • Family pass: € 10.00

Luigi Binaghi

The artist, an expert alpinist, in 1958 conquered, together with three other friends of the CAI of Como, eleven previously untouched peaks of the Andes and dedicated one of the peaks climbed, portrayed in this painting, to his hometown (the full title of the work, in fact, is Winter. Peruvian peaks. Nevado Ciudad de Como).

The art revealed: works from the deposits of the Pinacoteca

The initiative The art revealed: works from the deposits of the Pinacoteca, provides for the exhibition of the artistic heritage of the museum usually hidden, at certain times of the year related to recurrences, seasonality, anniversaries, a gradual opportunity for intervention and preservation even on the works not exposed and a valuable opportunity for the visitor to enjoy.

Donations and works usually kept in the deposits will alternate during the year according to a calendar already defined for the whole of 2019, but still secret. The only certainty, for now, is that this painting by Binaghi on January 27 will return to the deposits to leave the place, the February 13, to a work by Aldo Galli donated some time ago to the Gallery and never exhibited before.

The aim of these initiatives is to communicate donors in the hope that, in the future, others may decide to give works to the civic collections.

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