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Pinacoteca of Palazzo Volpi

Pinacoteca of Palazzo Volpi

The Pinacoteca of Palazzo Volpi is the civic Pinacoteca of Como. It is part of the Civic Museums of Como together with the Archaeological Museum “Paolo Giovio”, the Historical Museum “Giuseppe Garibaldi” and the Volta’s Temple. It houses a rich picture gallery, an archive of architectural drawings of the twentieth century (including the Antonio Sant’Elia archive) and a library specializing in art.

The Pinacoteca has an early-medieval, Romanesque and Gothic sculpture section, with materials from various religious buildings in the city; moreover, the painting sections cover an uninterrupted chronological span from the fourteenth to the twentieth century, with interludes concerning: sculpture, the decoration of the stained-glass windows and even the miniature.

The section dedicated to the twentieth century houses sculptures and paintings by the abstract artists of the “Como Group” as well as drawings by the futurist architect Antonio Sant’Elia.

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