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Concert: “Notte di cielo” 2019 – Bellagio

Concert: "Notte di cielo" 2019 - Bellagio

Monday, December 23, at the Basilica di S.Giacomo in the village of Bellagio, at 21:00 hours, will be held the concert “Night of Heaven” with the choral Bilacus.

Traditional Christmas concert that every year cheers the end of Advent with the participation of a group of young singers.

Followed by a meeting in the square.

Bilacus Choral

The Bilacus Choral (“Bilacus” is the ancient name of Bellagio, from the Latin “two lakes”) was founded in 1963 thanks to Don Aldo Pini, a passionate musician who brings together a group of young people animated by a love of folk singing and admiration for the great mountain chorus of the time.

From time to time animated by different teachers, the choir manages to never interrupt its activities.

The Bilacus Choral performs regularly in Bellagio, but there are many occasions when it is called to perform, in concerts and exhibitions, in Italy and abroad: Poland, Switzerland, France, Austria to represent Bellagio, with enthusiasm, in front of an increasingly large audience. The collaboration with numerous cultural institutions begins, which enhance the work of research in the field that the choral performs; in the early nineties, for example, the beginning of the organization of the summer season of classical music concerts in Bellagio on behalf of the Municipal Administration.

The current repertoire of the choir ranges from pages of spontaneous singing of Bellagio, the best tradition of Italian folk singing, gospel, Gregorian chant, to numerous and often unpublished Christmas carols.

Christmas 2019 in Bellagio (view the festival)

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