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Orrido of Nesso

Orrido of Nesso

The scenic Orrido of Nesso is formed by the confluence of the two streams: Tuf and Nosè, which falling down between the rocks, form a steep waterfall; the difference in height from the beginning of the waterfall to the waters of the lake is about 200 meters, a path between narrow and deep gorges, shaped by the incessant flow of water.

The Orrido di Nesso had also attracted the attention of Leonardo da Vinci, we can find a quotation in the Atlantic Code: “Nesso, a land where a river falls with great impulse, for a very large mountain fissure”.

The view from the lake of the waterfall is very impressive. Alternatively, from the main road you can walk down a cobbled path with steps that leads to the picturesque old bridge and then continues to the lake.

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