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Ornithological and Natural Science Museum

Ornithological and Natural Science Museum

The Ornithological and Natural Sciences Museum L. Scanagatta is a museum located in Varenna, in the Province of Lecco. The museum keeps in particular specimens of bird and migratory of the Lario area and is in collaboration with the naturalist Luigi Scanagatta student of ornithology, botany and malacology.

The Luigi Scanagatta Civic Museum of Ornithology and Natural Sciences in Varenna contains numerous bird species, mostly collected in the Larian area, a malacological collection and a specialist library of historical importance.

Thanks to the exhibits and the equipment made available for guided tours and educational activities, it offers the opportunity to learn about the birdlife and various aspects of the natural history of the surroundings of Varenna and beyond.

It was established in 1962 by professor Luigi Scanagatta, a well known ornithologist, botanist ad malacologist and in short time the collection became of an incredible importance, as well as of its dimensions, because some of the specimens are very rare and difficult to find in this area.

The library, furthermore, contains more then 1500 volumes, including some ancient ones, divided in different sections: ornithology, zoology, malacology, botany and mycology.

Thanks to its rich collection the museum helps to understand the importance of the environments we can see in Varenna’s surroundings and in general in the provinces of Lecco and Como.

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