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Historical Hamlet of Regatola

Historical Hamlet of Regatola

The Historical Hamlet of Regatola is located in the heart of the Pearl of Lake Como, Bellagio, and is a nice village survived intact to the passing of time.

From Regatola, going down the road, you reach the hamlet of Taronico.

Taking the hamlet of Regatola, on the wall of the first house on the left you can see a plaque in memory of the short stay of the illustrious scientist from Como Alessandro Volta (Como, 1745 – 1827), inventor of the battery (1799), and the poet Giuseppe Parini.

How to reach Regatola

Regatola is a small hamlet near the historic town of Bellagio.
Is within walking distance with an almost exclusively pedestrian crosses the main road and plunged into the narrow streets of the villages among the small houses and lawns.

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