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Historical hamlet of Taronico

Historical hamlet of Taronico

From Regatola going down the road you will reach another hamlet of Bellagio, Taronico.
Continuing come across a grassy meadow said Vialone that was part of the historic residence Villa Giulia and joining with a walk in the park the two shores of the Lake.
From here you can walk up to the hamlet of Villa Melzi, Loppia.

In the hamlet of Taronico there is the historic Latteria Sociale di Bellagio.

The Dairy of Bellagio was founded in 1933 in the Taronico area. It processes milk collected from associated farmers, living in the Larian triangle in their farms. During the summer, the cows stay on the alp, thus guaranteeing a high quality of the milk. This is also processed into derived products such as butter, ricotta cheese, yogurt, fresh and aged cheeses.

How to reach Taronico

Taronico is a small village near the historic hamletof Bellagio.
Is within walking distance with an almost exclusively pedestrian crosses the main road and plunged into the narrow streets of the hamlets among the small houses and lawns.

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