Excursion to Monte Galbiga

From Boffalora to Monte Galbiga
  • departure: Rifugio Boffalora
  • arrival: Monte Galbiga
  • travel time: approx. 1 h and 20 m
  • difference in level: 473 m approx.

How to reach the starting point
From Como take the state road 340 Regina towards Menaggio.
Towards the end of Argegno turn left and take the provincial road 13 of Valle d’Intelvi. Continue until San Fedele, then turn right (Largo IV Novembre, Via Blessagno) towards Pigra.

Once in Pigra, after the sign “Welcome to Pigra”, take the first road on the left to “Alpe di Colonno – Boffalora” (this is a mountain road with some narrow spots – be careful).

We pass the Rifugio Alpe di Colonno (1320 m) then begins a short descent that after about 1 km takes us to the Rifugio Boffalora (1252 m).

Boffalora - Ossuccio, Tremezzina
Boffalora visto dall'Alpe di Ossuccio. © Photo by Daniele Marucci

Here the road turns left and goes down to the Sella di Boffalora where near the Cappelletta degli Alpini there is a wide widening where you can park your car (1240 m).

Walking tour
After parking, continuing on foot you immediately come to a fork in the asphalt road. On the left you go down to Ponna, you have to take the uphill road on the right which immediately has quite steep slopes.
You will meet a couple of hairpin bends that allow you to gain height gain until you reach the Alpe di Ossuccio (1306 m).

After passing the huts of Alpe di Ossuccio the slope of the road becomes milder, we proceed through a beautiful larch wood that leads us to the Alpe di Lenno located at the mouth between Lenno and Galbiga (1495 m).

From here you can admire a beautiful panorama towards the Como branch of the lake.
From the Lenno Alp in about twenty minutes you can reach the Venini Refuge through an asphalted and then dirt road.

When you reach Venini take the path on the left to reach the top of Mount Galbiga. Shortly after the refuge, you will find a small astronomical observatory. Continuing the climb in a few minutes you reach the summit of Monte Galbiga (1699 m) on the top of which there is a small open-air church.

L'Osservatorio astronomico e il Rifugio Venini. © Photo by Gruppo Astrofili Lariani

From the refuge and surroundings you can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of Lake Como and Lugano, the Rosa Group, the mountains of Valchiavenna, Monte Disgrazia in Valmasino, Legnone and Legnoncino la Grigna, Corni di Canzo, San Primo, Sasso Gordona and Monte Generoso.

Tremezzina vista dal Monte di Tremezzo - Lago di Como
© Photo by Daniele Marucci

Itinerary up to Monte Crocione
From the Venini Refuge, continuing to the right, it is possible to continue along the ridge until the Monte Crocione (30/50 minutes) with a spectacular view of Lake Como.

Monte Crocione - Tremezzina - Lago di Como
Cima del Monte Crocione. © Photo by Daniele Marucci

From Pigra to Monte Galbiga

A very panoramic alternative could be to park your car in Argegno and continue towards Pigra by taking the cable car.

From Argegno, which is about 20 km from Como and can be reached via the state road Regina, you can take the cable car to Pigra (870 m). Walking time 5 minutes.

The cable car ride is an experience not to be missed: from the lake you can reach the mountains in just 5 minutes. In a short time, you cover a difference in altitude of 653 m, enjoying a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains.

When you reach Pigra through the path “strada ai monti” (road to the mountains) you will reach the altitude (1700 m) in a couple of hours.

You go up through the small town of Pigra to take the asphalted military road that leads to Alpe di Colonno and then to Boffalora.

From Boffalora the military road climbs and leads to the Venini Refuge and Monte Galbiga (compare route described above).

Cable car timetable
  • Monday – Friday: 6:30 – 12:00 / 13:30 – 17:00
  • Saturday and Sunday: continuous hours 9:00 – 17:30

Points of interest

Monte Galbiga
Monte Galbiga rises on the western shore of the Lario, or Lake Como, and is part of the same chain as Mount Generoso. Its summit is located halfway between the Lario shore and the Italian part of Lake Lugano.

Near the summit there is a small astronomical observatory and on the top there are a cross, a statuette of the Virgin, a altar and a church space, inaugurated and blessed by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

Osservatorio del Monte Galbiga
Osservatorio del Monte Galbiga. © Photo by Gruppo Astrofili Lariani

Linea Cadorna
Monte Galbiga is part of the Cadorna Line, a defensive military line dating back to the First World War, of which trenches and fortifications remain in place. The road leading to the slopes of the mountain is also of military construction.

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