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Tremezzina in the heart

The Municipality of Tremezzina has set up a mutual aid fund to help those who are put in the most difficulty by the crisis due to the Coronavirus emergency and, subsequently, to support the resumption of activities in the area.

The fund is open to all contributors, and every and any donation will be greatly appreciated. We call to individual citizens, companies, and associations who are willing to donate their valuable contribution.

It is important to note that all donations are tax deductible as per art. 66 of Legislative Decree 18/2020 (30% deduction for individuals and non-commercial entities up to a maximum of € 30,000 in tax savings; 100% deduction for companies).

The fund will be allocated to:

  • measures necessary for the management of the emergency (purchase of PPE, sanitation of public buildings, roads, clinics and schools, assistance services for those particularly affected by the emergency);
  • support (also nutritional) of the most fragile categories, giving priority to families with children;
  • purchase of computer devices to be assigned to schools to be loaned to students who do not have any;
  • structural interventions (which will be identified at the end of the emergency) to promote economic growth.

Tremezzina has the good fortune and pleasure to have many friends, in Italy and throughout the world. These include friends who have chosen to settle here or to visit us often to admire the beauty and uniqueness of our territory, and friends who have appreciated the hospitality of the Tremezzina people from whom they learned to love this land, which is so rich in history and culture.

Today, we humbly turn to you, dear friends, because wherever you are we know that the Tremezzina is in your hearts: #TremezzinaInTheHeart

We are endeavoring to overcome this dramatic crisis, to support our citizens, and to slowly resume our activities as a community. Step by step, with your help, we look forward to welcoming you again safely on the magnificent shores of Lake Como.

We hold #TremezzinaInTheHeart

Municipality of Tremezzina

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