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LakeComo International Music Festival 2020

Since 2006, Amadeus Arte organizes the LakeComo International Music Festival, a series of concerts in intimate spaces within the beautiful villas and gardens overlooking Lake Como, in the historical town of Como and in selected villas and theaters of Brianza region.

The Festival has always programmed side by side classical repertoire and new music developing itself in balance between tradition and innovation. Always bilingual (Italian and English), the Festival guested many famous Italian and international artists.

The excellent acoustics of concerts’ locations allows to enjoy music. Lectures or Guided Tours often accompany the concerts and the artists often introduce the pieces in a direct relationship with the public.

A message for 2020 edition

Floraleda Sacchi, Artistic Director of the LCF, explains about the 2020 edition:

“Dear friends of LCF,

This was a complex year for planning a concert season: for their nature, concerts cannot be separated from some fundamental principles such as socializing or the freedom to move…

As a person, musician and artistic director I experienced the situation in various aspects, but from the first moment I thought that we had not to cancel the events as if we had exhausted all hope of living, instead the goal was to modulate ourselves and do everything possible to keep alive places and music.

There are those who already want to go out and those who, more scared, will have to regain the balance to meet others. Giving up and becoming virtual identities would lead to harmful consequences for humanity, also for this reason the LakeComo International Music Festival will be there.

We will start by playing outside, allowing distances and involving musicians and friends who can reach us by car from Italy.
What you see is only a part of the calendar, in fact there will still be some more surprises we are now working on.

If you wish you can support us by participating in the events or by associating to Amadeus Arte and, after many privations, you can finally take care of yourself again enjoying the pleasure of going out.

Publishing this program, I also deeply wish to you all a summer of music, health and self consciousness”.

Current & upcoming events

Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for LakeComo International Music Festival 2020.

Past events

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