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Running Trophy Città dei Balocchi – 2019

Running Trophy Città dei Balocchi - 2019

Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 7:30, at Stadio G. Sinigaglia di Como, will start the event Trofeo Podistico Città dei Balocchi, non-competitive running event whose proceeds, from the registration fees, will be donated to charity by Fiasp Italia, organizer of the event in collaboration with the Gruppo Podistico Camminatori Sant’Anna.

With this initiative we want to promote a healthy sport and at the same time, the event is an important moment of aggregation for families, along a path that offers some of the most beautiful views of the city and the lake.

  • km 6
  • km 12
  • km 21

Who can participate: open to all, free passage.


The FIASP (Federazione Italiana Amatori Sport Per Tutti – Italian Federation of Amateur Sports for All), based in Mantua, is a free association that for more than thirty years has been dedicated to the propaganda, dissemination and organization of sporting events of a popular and recreational nature such as running, cycling and cross-country skiing. The peculiarity of this Federation is the absolute non-competitiveness in all the activities that it homologates and that are carried out according to the dates established in a yearbook.

The FIASP is not against competition, but intends to privilege and highlight aspects such as the relationship with nature, socialization, cultural enrichment of its members, the activity practiced through a relaxing walk in places that offer artistic and environmental stimuli.

For more information

Consorzio Como Turistica
T. (+39) 031 268989
Web site: cittadeibalocchi.it

Como Città dei Balocchi 2019 (view the festival)

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