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Lake Sensation – Art Exhibition

Lake Sensation - Art Exhibition

For the entire summer season 2019 it will be possible to visit the new solo exhibition of Ester Maria Negretti inspired by Lake Como at his Atelier, in via Borgo Vico 82, Como.

Free entry.

Timetables: July from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm – agosto visit by appointment: +39 347 5031178

Lake Sensation

His new artistic research is dedicated to Lake Como. The artist, in front of the lake, observes the changes of the light that is reflected on the water changing its color. The lake is so fickle; the sky is so variable; the landscape is so unstable that the eye struggles – sometimes – to fix the magical moment in which the parts become emotion and beauty.
This is Lario.
Negretti catches that moment and marks it on a sheet of paper, on a canvas, on a fabric. Today also on silk… making his works of art, 100% made in Como, ready to be worn and lived every day. The painting becomes an essential experience that finds in the foulard the logical path of an intuition that combines beauty and tradition.
An exclusive project, Lake Sensation, that you can observe together with his artworks in Como.

Ester Maria Negretti

Ester Maria Negretti, 1978, Como.
It is the future that conditions the present as when Michelangelo created the Pietà: every blow was in vision of the future, not of the present nor, even less, of the past.
She followed the vocation to painting since she was a child, receiving the first prize at the age of eleven. The path towards art continues through the study of textile design in which she graduated from the Setificio di Como, and then she collaborated with various studios creating wallpaper, furniture and clothing. Subsequently Negretti decided to attend Brera for two years, but instead of continuing an academic path, she felt he wanted to follow the good Renaissance tradition and formed his painting technique in the “workshop” of experienced painters learning the secrets of the trade in the field, consolidating his preparation and the increasing interest in contemporary art. Having refined her taste and his technique, she decided to devote herself exclusively to painting. Her work, her style and her very personal technique have received approval and growing interest from critics and the public and the favor of collectors since the first solo exhibition in 2002.

She has exhibited in numerous cities including: Rome, Florence, Milan, Como, Benevento, Mantua, Genoa, Venice, Oslo, Paris, Turin, Boston, Lugano, Zurich, Frankfurt.

Ester Maria Negretti’s latest artistic research is dedicated to water. Outside the walls of the painting studio, the wide spaces, the physical and mental vastness of the new marine reality, transform Negretti’s canvases that become gigantic like the sea and like the air that has no containment.

For further information

E-mail: exhibit@esternegretti.com
Website: esternegretti.com

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