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Floating Nativity Scene 2019

Floating Nativity Scene 2019

From 8th December 2019 at Riva di Cernobbio is set up the “Floating Nativity”, open 24 hours a day until 6th January 2020.

In the picturesque shore of Cernobbio on the night of December 24th, there will be a torchlight procession starting from the Church of the Holy Redeemer, to deposit on a floating structure with the representation of the nativity, the blessed statue of the Child Jesus (after the midnight mass).

The instructors of INVINCIBLE DIVING, the athletes of CANOTTIERI CERNOBBIO, the athletes of ASD Cernobbio 2010, will bring in the manger (which will be visible until the Epiphany) the blessed statue.

For more information

Cernobbio Municipality
T. (+39) 031 343211
Pagina facebook

Christmas 2019 in Cernobbio (view the festival)

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