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60+1: Exhibition of objects and toys Chicco

60+1: Exhibition of objects and toys Chicco

From 8 December to 5 January 2019 at the Palazzo del Broletto in Como will be held the exhibition 60+1.

A journey through time made of tenderness and surprise, of innovations and curiosities, to know, a little more, the brand icon of the world of childhood, which for sixty years accompanies families in the extraordinary adventure of growing up.

On display will be 60 objects to tell the story of the first sixty years of Chicco.
Objects that tell stories: the story of Chicco first of all, but also the stories of the families who used them in their homes.
The toys have a very special charm, like the Casina delle Api, one of the first toys developed and produced by Chicco: a colourful group of small flying bees dancing over the cradle to the sound of a sweet music that still has the ability to recall the most beautiful memories of our childhood.

The exhibition lends itself to many readings:

many people will be able to reopen their memory drawers, recognizing the objects that have accompanied special and happy moments in their lives. Some will appreciate the design, others the brilliant insights. The most attentive will also grasp the evolution of the role of mothers and fathers. The exhibition is a kaleidoscope that offers a thousand looks on the world of childhood and the products that have made the adventure of growing up easier and more stimulating.

Chicco and Il Tesoro delle Api

What is it?
A treasure hunt has been created to guide children through the discovery of the objects on display. The children will be given a map: the exhibition becomes, in this way, a game and a space where children can have fun and learn at the same time.
Every Saturday and Sunday at 17:00.


December 6-23

  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:30-12:30 and 15:00-19:00
  • Tuesday to Friday: 15:00-19:00

from 27 December to 5 January

  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30-12.30 and 15:00-19:00
Special Openings
  • Monday 26 December and Tuesday 1 January: 15.00-19.00
  • Monday, December 26: “Gli oggetti raccontano”.
    Storie, intuizioni, casualità e progetti. Theatrical guided tour.

Closed on Mondays
Closed on Sunday 25 December

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