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Bellagio Concerts Easter 2019 – #2

Bellagio Concerts Easter 2019 - #2

The Bellagio Festival Orchestra is ready to restart and prepare the ground for the next Festival of Bellagio and Lake Como 2019.

The Festival anticipates the season with two dates, in the Basilica of S. Giacomo: the second concert, with free admission, is scheduled for the Easter Monday, 22 April at 18:00.

The notes of Johann Sebastian Bach will bring a selection of the six Brandenburg Concertos, composed between 1717 and 1723. The artist called them avec plusieurs instruments, with many instruments, because each performer follows his own melodic line, as a series of soloists who come together in a single harmony, in a way contrary and innovative to any type of reproduction tending to present them in classical orchestral form.

Easter 2019 in Lake Como (view the festival)

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