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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

From February 2nd Ettore Antonini will be presenting, within the Stazione Artificio Festival, Alice in Wonderland – immersive exhibition.

The story of Alice is told through sounds, words, images, videos and installations capable of projecting the visitor into magical atmospheres, able to excite and engage.
For the occasion, the Chiostrino Artificio will become the stage for Alice’s adventure and the visitor will be the “true explorer”, no longer a passive listener but an active participant in the development of the story.
Acrylics in large format, woodcuts and ex libris will animate the spaces of the Chiostrino Artificio thanks to the collaboration between the artist, the Startinwork high school and the Allincirco association.

Stazione Artificio - season 2018/2019

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