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Villa Sartirana Mapelli

Villa Sartirana Mapelli

Elegant Liberty villa built at the end of the nineteenth century with a park of great environmental value rich in terraces, paths flanked by trees, exotic plants and evergreens. The garden preserves many interesting and beautiful plants, also in it there are decorative architectural elements of great charm.
The villa now belongs to the Villoresi family. It houses a landscape park of environmental value and of considerable interest both for its historical value and for the richness of plant species such as taxodi, ginko biloba, liriodendri, magnolia, azaleas and rhododendrons. Paths and stairs are masterfully integrated with the surrounding area and with the background of the lake, creating unique views.

The linear architecture of the five-storey construction (one of which serves asstores) and the annexed elegant tower that lends nobility to the whole features fascinating contributions by leading architects of the times, such as Raimondo D’Aronco and
Pietro Fenoglio.
The landscape park that surrounds the villa is of great environmental value and is of considerable interest both for its historical value and the variety of plant species, and for the spring flowering of rhododendrons and azaleas. The botanical park was restored in 2006 according to a project by the architect Pier Fausto Bagatti Valsecchi and the agronomist Giovanni Sala.

This elegant Liberty villa was built in the late 19th century as a holiday home for Count Sartirana, a descendant of Cesare Sartirana who was an army captain under 15th -century Spanish rule in Lombardy. The Sartirana family property in Varenna then passed to a lawyer called Pietro Marcionni before being sold to the Longoni Lancia family. The villa was purchased by Cavalier Alberto Mapelli in 1930 and inherited by his son Grand’Ufficiale Mario Mapelli, the financial director of the Corriere della Sera newspaper until 1970.
The villa now belongs to the Villoresi family.

Ville, dimore e corti lombarde | Valerio Villoresi

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