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Museum of Navigation Instruments

Museum of Navigation Instruments

In the hamlet of San Giovanni in Bellagio, in an ancient tower house, are exposed more than two hundred precious objects that in past centuries allowed people to orient themselves in the sea and navigate.

The exhibition comes from the private collection of Gianni Gini, writer and expert navigator, who dedicated 40 years of research and passion to it, including eighteenth-century Venetian-made telescopes, sundials, compasses, marine chronometers, an armillary sphere, a beautiful brass planetarium and nineteenth-century logs.

Designer Mario Prandina, also known as Pliny the Younger, designed and built the Literary Café Pliny the Younger inside the Museum of Navigation Instruments, a place where super slim, non-invasive furniture, in an elegant way, leaves room for literature and cultural events in an important historical setting.

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