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Church of Saints Gordiano ed Epimaco

Blevio is composed of six hamlets halfway up the coast and a small hamlet on the lake where the Church of Saints Gordiano and Epimaco stands, built in the second half of the eighteenth century with a beautiful bell tower that emerges from the lake shore.

Since most of the hamlets are halfway up the hill, in the second half of the 20th century a new, larger church was built at the top and the old parish church is now open for weddings, concerts and other cultural events.

Outside the church is very simple, with a white eighteenth-century facade and roofing in piode del Lario, the facade is divided into two orders and topped by a tympanum, the bell tower is on the right and is detached from the main structure.

From the pretty parvis paved with the old pavement you can enjoy a wonderful view of Villa Erba and Villa d’Este on the opposite bank of Cernobbio.


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