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Would you like to have a new and enthralling cultural experience with your children? Thanks to the innovative ARTWAY project, in Tremezzina you can have one.

ARTWAY is a smart guide on tablet that, in a completely new and exciting way, allows you to explore the four major attractions of Tremezzina: Villa Carlotta, Villa del Balbianello, the Sacred Mountain of Ossuccio and the Comacina Island.

ARTWAY is 200 items of original content, related to 80 places of interest scattered around the area, 9 kilometres of itineraries narrated with over five hours of original audios and videos in both Italian and English, 40 interactive games and 15 virtual reconstructions.

Thanks to an innovative technology that combines a mix of different techniques (beacons, GPS and inertial), ARTWAY smart guides are equipped with a special micro geolocation system able to “read” the passage of the visitors near a place of interest and therefore to automatically send videos, games and multimedia content to their tablets.

ARTWAY is all this and even more: it is also a guide dedicated to children, in fact, thanks to specifically created contents, all the itineraries can be followed by the youngest as well. In each video, a fun character tells them the story of the place they are visiting, highlighting its most peculiar and intriguing aspects. Children will also be able to join other interactive moments: games, activities and quizzes created by educational experts to involve them and encourage their spirit of observation and creativity.

Are you ready for this new experience? You can hire the low-cost tablets with ARTWAY smart guides from the Antiquarium Museum of the Comacina Island (near the Mediaeval complex of S.Maria Maddalena in Ossuccio) or from the ticket offices of Villa Carlotta and Villa del Balbianello.

Your children will love it and you will be able to enjoy a full immersion cultural day in one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

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