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The village of Tremezzo, which is part of the town of Tremezzina, features both a hilly hinterland, where the historical and picturesque centres of Balogno, Intignano, Rogaro, Viano and Volesio are located, and a touristic lakefront, characterised by majestic villas and luxury hotels.

Tremezzo is the only village of Como province which belongs to the exclusive club of the Most Beautiful Hamlets in Italy. Moreover, Tremezzo is a well-known tourist resort which hosted distinguished personalities such as Giuseppe Verdi, Giuseppe Parini, Queen Victory of England and kaiser Wilhelm II.

Worth visiting: the parish church of San Lorenzo, the oratory of San Pietro, the oratory of the Madonna di Einsiedeln, the oratory di San Bartolomeo, the Teresio Olivelli park, Villa Carlotta and the Sommariva Oratory.

Tremezzo dates back to the Roman era, as proven by the discovery of 5th-century chapels and graves in the towns of Volesio and Intignano.
During the Middle Ages, the history of the village was intertwined with that of Comacina island, when Tremezzo partially depended on Comacina island’s defence system. During the 10-year war between Como and Milan, Tremezzo was partially destroyed by the inhabitants of Como. Like the other towns of the area, during the late Middle Ages Tremezzo fell under the control of the State of Milan.
From the 18th century on, it saw a steep increase in the number of tourists interested in visiting villas, thanks to its beautiful buildings, among which Villa Carlotta stood out.

At the beginning of the 20th century, many buildings recalling the architectural trend of Rationalism were built in Tremezzo, thanks to Pietro Lingeri’s work. One of these buildings is Villa Amila, built in 1927 for Lario’s Power Boating Association and characterised by its peculiar shape which resembles a ship.

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