Excursion to Narro

Excursion on Lake Como, in the mountains, to Narro above Lenno, a unique panoramic point where you can enjoy a breath of genuine air and an enchanting view of the lake, Bellagio, the Balbianello peninsula and Comacina Island.

  • Starting point: Abbazia dell’Acquafredda, Lenno (starting altitude: 325 m)
  • How to get to the starting point: From Como take the state road Regina direction Menaggio until Lenno, turn left following the indication Abbazia Acquafredda; park in the car park before the Abbey.
  • Difficulty: E
  • Length of the route:
    – from the Abbey to Narro: 50 min / 1h
    – from the Abbey to the Cross of Narro: about 1h 30′.
  • For lunch: packed lunch is recommended. As an alternative in Narro it is possible to stop at the Azienda Agricola Sceresa (open only upon reservation at least one day in advance).

The route

Near the entrance of the Abbey there are 2 steep and narrow streets, on the left the Via S. Benedetto and on the right (sign for Daiee and Narro) the Strada dell’Alpe. Take the latter which climbs up to the top of the abbey, very steep, partly cobbled and partly paved.

Escursione a Narro
Escursione a Narro
Escursione a Narro

After three hairpin bends the road continues uphill with short stretches on the plain and several turns until it reaches Daiè (725 m), where the road surface is cemented.

Going up the hill the view is always more beautiful:

Escursione a Narro

Continuing further on you arrive in Narro (q. 988 m).

Escursione a Narro

Narro is a small and charming mountain village situated in the mountains above Lenno, rich in ancient and characteristic stone buildings, once used by farmers and now used as huts.

At the beginning of Narro there are some scattered huts, followed by a larger group and higher up you reach a fork in the road. From here you can take the road on the right (signs for Ossino h 0.50 and Grandola and Uniti h 3.20) and in a short time you will reach the last group of houses in Narro.

The effort of the excursion is satisfied by the beautiful position with a wonderful view of the lake.

Escursione a Narro

For those who wish to continue to the Cross of Narro
Escursione a Narro

You continue along the road which soon becomes steep again and with a cemented bottom.
When you reach the last hut, which is isolated on the left, continue along the road for about fifty metres, until you reach a semicurve to the right.

At this point you will notice that on the left there is a path, marked by a wooden sign with the inscription “Croce”, and a second sign with the inscription “prohibition of hunting”. Then take this path that climbs steeply in the wood, the track is not marked but it is very evident and further on you arrive in a clearing where there is a high metal cross: the Cross of Narro (q. 1215 m).

From here you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Como and its mountains.

Croce di Narro, Lenno

For the return
For the return journey it is advisable to follow the uphill route back up to the Abbazia dell’Acquafredda.

Points of interest

Abbey of Acquafredda

The Abbey stands on a plateau in a splendid panoramic position. The architectural complex is composed of the church with adjoining sacristy, the bell tower with the oratory of St. Peter and the former monastery. The access is marked by a monumental stone portal with the Capuchin emblem composed by the crossing of two arms in front of a cross.


Active as long as there were activities related to mountain grazing, today Narro remains a unique vantage point where you can reach for a breath of genuine air and enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Como.

The mild and temperate climate favours a great variety of flora: conifer, beech, chestnut, lime, cherry, acacias and flowers of all kinds are the most present varieties.

The view is splendid. From Narro you can admire the two branches of Lake Como, the village of Bellagio, the Balbianello peninsula, the Comacina Island and in the background the Grigna.

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