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Oliveto Lario

Oliveto Lario is a town located on the eastern shore of the strip of land that separates the two branches of Lake Como, between the towns of Malgrate and Bellagio.
It is a scattered town, in fact in its territory you can distinguish three distinct inhabited centers, that of Onno, that of Vassena and that of Limonta; which stretch along the entire coast but well divided between them.

Oliveto Lario owes its name to the numerous olive trees that grow on the whole territory thanks to its mild climate and that create a really characteristic landscape.
The oldest inhabited centers are those of Limonta Alta and Onno, which with their narrow alleys and ancient houses give the feeling of being transported back in time.
Limonta Bassa, the part of the town of Limonta that directly overlooks the lake, is characterized by large private villas, a small nucleus close to the lake and a couple of really fascinating piers.
Vassena is instead certainly of more recent origin, with more modern houses, very beautiful the small port and the chapel of S. Dionigi.

Onno is instead the part of Oliveto Lario that offers the most beautiful beaches, running along the coast to Vassena, composed of white pebbles, partly equipped and partly free and with a strip of trees behind them that separates them from the road and offers some shade on hot days. Very crowded in the summer season, it is often problematic to find parking nearby.

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