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Place: Lierna

The town of Lierna, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, lies between the towns of Mandello del Lario and Varenna.
Although it is not very well known, it is a village worth visiting, as it offers the tranquility of a walk through the medieval villages of the hamlets near the hill, a long, modern and elegant lakeside and a beach where you can relax in the warmer seasons.

Inhabited since the Iron Age and later also winter camp of the Roman legions thanks to its mild climate, Lierna probably owes its name to the Celts. It is made up of twelve villages, today classified into hamlets, among which the hamlet Castello, which was once an island and on which stands an ancient defensive castle, the site of many battles and later a fishing village, and the hamlet of Sornico, with its houses and a church of medieval origin where you can enjoy a view from the lake and crossed by the famous Wayfarer’s Path.

Many ancient villas, now private residences, are located in the municipality of Lierna, many of them located near the hamlet of Castello, where there is also the beach Riva Bianca, which owes its name to the white pebbles that compose it, a destination for many bathers in the summer season.
Its beauty and the views that can be enjoyed ensured that Lierna was chosen as the set for several films, including “Casino Royale”, “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Star Wars Episode 2”.

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